NTU-PolyU-CityU-UCMerced Joint Reading Group


Ya Nan will present a NSDI'22 paper on Friday, January 14, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. (GMT+8).

Facilitator: Prof Yuanqing Zheng.

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Presentation List

[NSDI'22] Ekya: Continuous Learning of Video Analytics Models on Edge Computing Servers

Ya Nan
Nanyang Technological University
January 14, 2022. Zoom

[SIGCOMM'21] Network Planning with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Xianzhong Ding
University of California Merced
January 7, 2022. Zoom

[MobiCom'20] LMAC: Efficient Carrier-Sense Multiple Access for LoRa

Jathun Gamage Isuru Amalinda
Nanyang Technological University
December 24, 2021. Zoom

[SenSys'20] LiTag: Localization and Posture Estimation with Passive Visible Light Tags

Nanyang Technological University
December 17, 2021. Zoom

[MobiCom'21] Flexible High-resolution Object Detection on Edge Devices with Tunable Latency

Shiqi Jiang
Invited Talk: MobiCom'21
Microsoft Research @ Beijing
December 10, 2021. Zoom

[MobiCom'20] FaceRevelio: A Face Liveness Detection System for Smartphones with a Single Front Camera

Yang Liu
City University of Hong Kong
December 3, 2021. Zoom

[SenSys'21] NELoRa: Towards Ultra-low SNR LoRa Communication with Neural-enhanced Demodulation

Jiliang Wang
Invited Talk: SenSys'21 Best Paper
Tsinghua University
November 26, 2021. Zoom

[MobiCom'20] ScatterMIMO: Enabling Virtual MIMO with Smart Surfaces

Yanbo Zhang
Nanyang Technological University
November 19, 2021. Zoom

[SIGCOMM'21] XLINK: QoE-Driven Multi-Path QUIC Transport in Large-scale Video Services

Yuning Chen
University of California Merced
November 12, 2021. Zoom

[SenSys'21] LIMU-BERT: Unleashing the Potential of Unlabeled Data for IMU Sensing Applications

Huatao Xu
Nanyang Technological University
November 5, 2021. Zoom

[SIGCOMM'21] Personalizing Head Related Transfer Functions for Earables

Qiang Yang
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
October 29, 2021. Zoom

[MobiCom'21] AsyMo: Scalable and Efficient Deep-Learning Inference on Asymmetric Mobile CPUs

Lixiang Han
City University of Hong Kong
October 22, 2021. Zoom

[MobiCom'21] Elf: Accelerate High-resolution Mobile Deep Vision with Content-aware Parallel Offloading

Chengdong Lin
City University of Hong Kong
October 15, 2021. Zoom

[MobiCom'20] mmVib: Micrometer-Level Vibration Measurement with mmWave Radar

Kaiyan CUI
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
October 8, 2021. Zoom

[KDD'21] MTrajRec: Map-Constrained Trajectory Recovery via Seq2Seq Multi-task Learning

Chu Cao
Nanyang Technological University
October 1, 2021. Zoom

[MobiCom'21] PCube: Scaling LoRa Concurrent Transmissions with Reception Diversities

Xianjin Xia
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
September 24, 2021. Zoom

[SIGCOMM'21] Concurrent Interference Cancellation: Decoding Multi-Packet Collisions in LoRa

Kang Yang
University of California Merced
September 17, 2021. Zoom