Our research on the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) delves deep into the fusion of cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques with the ever-evolving Internet of Things ecosystem. A core focus of our work is incorporating advanced deep learning algorithms to address practical challenges that arise in real-world scenarios. We aim to harness the power of AI to enhance a wide range of applications, encompassing areas such as communication, localization, activity sensing, and authorization.


Our research on the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) aims at tackling issues arises from massive number of devices in practical network. The focus of our research in this area revolves around improving overall network quality and accessibility through cross-layer network design such as PHY layer signal processing, MAC layer protocol enhancement, backhaul network optimization, etc. We are also an active member of LoRa Alliance and has been contributing to standardization of LoRaWAN protocol.

Smart City

Our research on smart city aims at the design of novel systems and algorithms to address real world challenges. This involves a comprehensive analysis and deep understanding of human behaviors, travel preferences, and mobility patterns through large-scale data collected from diverse sensor sources. The operational efficiency and system performance could thus be improved by our research findings and inventive contributions.